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First Blog Post

Hello, you have found your way to the blog of author Walt Hackman.

After I had made the decision to travel to China to investigate building a Chinese boat (junk) the thought crossed my mind that it might make a good story. So I made some journals and on my many trips to China I filled up three unlined journals. Part of their contents wound up in my book No Problem, Mr. Walt.

This blog will be a mixture of things I saw, people I met, food I ate, food I learned how to cook, places I visited, a small pet that became my travel companion, and such. In addition, during this period I read a large number of books about China that I will share with you.

So come with me, to a place that requires no passport - all you need to bring is your imagination.

Did you enjoy my post? Let me know in the Contact or by sharing it with social media! Don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, & Twitter @walthackman

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