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A Book Review by 'The Book Review'

I recently received this terrific review of 'No Problem, Mr. Walt' by Malini Seshadri of The Book Review Literary Trust magazine and wish to sincerely thank Ms. Seshadri for her generosity and kind words shared in her elegantly written article.

"A piano instructor told a student’s mother, ‘Madam, I have been teaching piano to generations of students. I have heard students play on the white keys, and I have heard them play on the black keys. But your son is the only one who can play in the spaces in between.’

Walt Hackman’s book plays all the notes between the keys, and often many at the same time. It produces music of a kind that defies a label. It scoffs at the concept of ‘genre’. It is the story of an inner journey. It is the story of a journey in China. It is a memoir, an autobiography, a diary, a travelogue. And a history lesson ... and a recipe book ... and a how-to guide. It is a merry stream-of-consciousness rambling from the pen of an astute observer of people and events. And somehow it all comes together charmingly." READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE

For authors in today's literary scene, good reviews are extremely important - and to receive one written so eloquently is truly an honor. Thank you Malini!

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